How is the marathon run?

    The marathon will consist of 222, 211 and 105.5 laps, respectivly for Montreal, Sherbrooke and Ottawa. Runners will change directions every 30 minutes (when each runner completes the lap that they are on he-she will simply run past the cone, turn and change direction; the process usually takes less than 2 minutes).

    How are laps counted ?

    There will be a display clock at the start-finish line displaying times the entire marathon. You will run by this clock every lap. In addition, we will use two QuidChrono tags (one on each of your foot) and all your lap splits will be available on a screen during the race and online after it. DJ Pocail will call off lap counts to runners many times during the race.

    Since your rules don't allow portable music devices, will there be music played during the race ?

    Yes, DJ Pocail will play music during most of the race. He will ask runners for their song requests and try to play as many as these songsas possible. .

    Are there shower facilities available for runners?

    Yes, but don't forget to bring your own towel and lock.

    Can I bring my own bottles and refreshments?

    Yes, we encourage runners to do this. Cups are not allowed, so you should bring your own bottles. Volunteers can fill them with water or sport drink during the race.

    How can I volonteer to help during the race?

    Email to our race directore: stevemoisan@yahoo.com.

    What about spectator?

    There is not a lot of room for spectators but we can accomodate your fan club (contact the race director prior the race because we need to give the list of all athletes and spectators prior the events: stevemoisan@yahoo.com). Spectators must stay away from the lap counters and stay clean of the running area of the track.

    Is the marathon a Boston qualifier?

    Not at that time but we are working on it.

    What if I get injured and am unable to participate in the race?

    Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

2012-2013 Series

Sherbrooke (December 15, 2012)

Ottawa (January 20, 2013)

Montreal (January 27, 2013)


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Steve Moisan, Race Director